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Installation and use common problems of rolling bearing
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Installation and use common problems of rolling bearing

Installed on the surface and workplace requirements B: yes. If bearing with iron filings, burr, dust and other foreign matter to enter, will make the bearing noise and vibration during operation, even damage raceway and rolling body. So, before the installation of bearings, you must ensure that the installation surface and the environment clean.

Bearings must be cleaned before installed Bearing surface coated with anti-rust oil, you must use clean petrol or kerosene cleaning carefully, then coated with clean, high quality or high speed high temperature lubricating grease before installation. Cleanliness of bearing life and the influence of vibration noise is very big. But we especially want to remind you is: fully enclosed bearing not clean fuel.

How to select grease lubrication of the bearing work and life have very important influence. Here a brief introduction to select the general principles of the grease to you. Grease made out of base oil, thickener and additive, different types and different type of same kind grease properties vary widely, allowing the rotation of the limit, when the choice is important to note. The performance of the grease is mainly determined by the base oil. The basis of generally low viscosity oil is suitable for low temperature, high speed; High viscosity is suitable for high temperature, high load. Thickener and relationship with lubrication performance, thickening agent, water resistance to the water resistance of the grease. In principle, different brand of grease can't mix, and even the same thickening agent of grease, will also bring bad influence each other on the basis of different additives.

When lubricated bearing, oil paint, the more the better Lubricated bearing, oil paint, the more the better, this is a common mistake. Bearing and bearing indoor excessive grease will cause excessive oil mixing, resulting in a high temperature.

How to install and disassemble Don't directly when installation hammer bearing end face and the bearing surface, should be to press, sleeve or other installation tools for uniform bearing force. If the installation surface coated with lubricating oil, will make the installation more smoothly. If the interference fit is larger, should put the bearing into the mineral oil heating to 90 ~ 100 ℃ in immediately after installation. When removing difficulties, it is recommended that you use disassembly tool to pull at the same time to careful labor the inner ring of hot oil, heat can make the bearing inner ring expansion, making it easier to fall off.

Bearing radial clearance as small as possible Not all require the smallest bearing clearance work, you must choose appropriate clearance according to conditions. Gb 4604-93, the rolling bearing radial clearance is divided into five groups - 2, 0, 3, 4, 5 groups, clearance values in sequence from small to large, including standard clearance for 0 group. Basic radial clearance group applicable to the general operation conditions, the conventional temperature and the range of the commonly used; In the high temperature, high speed, low noise, low friction bearing special conditions such as work, appropriate chooses big radial clearance; For precision spindle, spindle bearing, and other appropriate chooses smaller radial clearance; For roller bearing clearance can keep a small amount of work. In addition, the separation type of bearing is not clearance; In the end, the bearing capacity after work clearance, than the original clearance before the installation is small, because bearings will absorb a certain amount of load, and bearing fit and load produced by the elastic deformation.

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